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Light | Alpha | Lavender beds | ward 7-Plot 3

Mod #1 - French Wizard (Wizard Wars: Dragonwine)

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By Applenzo | Holo - Pictures by Sophia

DJ Spot


Main Floor


French Bar

Gamble Area

Resting Zone

Bedrooms Access

#1 Nature Room (NSFW)

#2 Lala'partment (SFW)

#3 BDSM Room

#4 Classy Room (NSFW)

#5 Cuddle Room (SFW)

#8 Hot Bath (NSFW)

Main Area: Day

Main Area: Night

DJ Spot

Menu: Outdoor Bar

Food (Nourriture)

Coeurl's Tail Kebabs: tender strips of coeurl tail, skewered with onions and peppers, and grilled to perfection => 7.000 Gils
Boar Hindquarter Steaks: juicy, flavorful cuts of boar meat, seasoned with herbs and spices, and grilled over an open flame => 9000 Gils
Chocobo's Thighs: succulent and tender cuts of chocobo meat, marinated in a savory blend of spices, and grilled to perfection => 9.000 Gils
Gigantoad Back Ribs: fall-off-the-bone tender ribs, seasoned with a sweet and spicy rub, and slow-smoked over hickory wood => 10.000 GIls

Drinks (Boissons)

La Noscean Lemonade: a refreshing drink made with lemons from the La Noscea region => 7.000 Gils
Sylkis Bud Smoothie: a healthy and delicious blend of fresh Sylkis buds, a fruit, and yogurt => 7.000 Gils
Doman Plum Milkshake: a creamy, fruity milkshake made with Doman plums => 7.000 Gils
Cieldalaes Mocha Frappuccino: a decadent coffee-based drink, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream, named after the Cieldalaes region of Eorzea => 10.000 Gils

Menu: Inside Bar

Out of the menu: Ask anything.................15,000 Gils

Ask anything to your bartender and they will cook it up for you ♥ (Drink/Food)

Shu'Borger Game

How To Play

1. Head to the bar and ask the Dewdrops (Bartender) to play the Shu'Borger game. It costs 100,000 gil to participate.2. Take a chance and eat the burger bite by bite. After each bite, you must roll a /random 100. To move on to the next bite, you need to reach a minimum score. The more you roll, the harder it gets, but the rewards get bigger too!3. If you succeed at a roll, you can choose to keep going or stop and take your winnings. But if you fail, you'll walk away with nothing!PARTICIPATION: Participants can play up to 3 times per day.WINNERS: If you win all 10 rolls, you'll be commemorated on our Discord and website as the Shu'Borger champion! You'll also receive a special role on our Discord server.PROVIDED BY: Game provided by Kitty Twister


Roll 1 - Beat a 5 (win 20k)
Roll 2 - Beat a 10 (win 40k)
Roll 3 - Beat a 15 (win 60k)
Roll 4 - Beat a 20 (win 80k)
Roll 5 - Beat a 25 (win 100k)
Roll 6 - Beat a 30 (win 250k)
Roll 7 - Beat a 35 (win 400k)
Roll 8 - Beat a 40 (win 600k)
Roll 9 - Beat a 45 (win 850k)
Roll 10 - Beat a 50 (win 1 million)


Shuji Rose | 19.03.2023
(won 1 million)
Leyos Windheim | 10.06.2023
(won 1 million)

PHOENIX CLASSIC: Phoenix Blackjack

How To Play

Using the in-game party chat, we are playing a variation of Blackjack where the goal is to reach 21 or have a higher total hand value than the dealer without going over.1. Players begin by placing their bets, the min-max values are at the discretion of the dealer.
2. Each player gets two face-up cards, while the dealer gets one face-up card.
3. Players can choose to hit, stand, double down, or split.
4. The dealer will then draw their own cards, which concludes when they bust or reach the required standing point.
HIT: Player can request additional cards, up to the threshold of 21 or stand at any time.DOUBLE DOWN: Player pays their initial fee and receives one card. Then they automatically stand or bust.SPLIT: The player can split their duplicate cards into two hands. The player may hit these as regular hands as many times as they wish. A player cannot DD or split a hand that has already been split.STAND: Keep the current hand.CARDS: Each number represents its face value, with the exception of 1, 11, 12 and 13.Ace (1) counts as either 11 or 1, depending on what is more advantageous for the hand.
10, 11, 12, and 13 all count as 10.


Push: x1 (Initial bet returned or held for the next round)
Standard Win: x2
Blackjack: x2
Natural Blackjack: x2.5


✦ VIP (+ line skip)
✦ Access to the Venue 20 minutes before the opening
✦ Access to the VIP lounge
✦ Free drinks (< or = 10k gils) and a Waiter will be there, at your service, so you can take order at distance
✦ 30 minutes with one of our Roses or Cuddlers
✦ 50% discount off on our Photographers services
✦ 100k Croissants for Blackjack

Full Time VIP

At The Venue✦ VIP+1 (+ line skip)
- Access to the Venue 20 minutes before the opening
✦ Access to the VIP lounge
✦ Free drinks & food (< or = 15k gils) and a Waiter will be there, at your service, so you can take order at distance
✦ 45 minutes with one of our Roses or Cuddlers
✦ One free photo from our amazing Photographers
✦ 200k Croissants for Blackjack

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